Save up to 90% for the repair of your window lifter!


Choose up by the button "window lift" your prefer make of car and the model to see the repair kit for your car.

High costs for window lifts are a member of the past

The most people think that when one auto part is defect, that they must buy a new one. And this is very expesnive. But we want to show a solution for this problem with our window lifts. You can save with our parts up to 90%.

The special of our products is, that the reapair gives your car more stability with our repair kits.

Thats why we advise for problems with

window lifts or power windows

to our repair kits. We can´t repair your car self, but the most time it´s better to repair the defect part as to change the whole part.

We provide you the possibility to repair the power windows very cost-efficient. With our expert knowledge we are based on a higly fundament and so we can coach you professionally.

We offer you the highest brand quality and the best prises. You must consider that we don´t sell a complet and new window lift , but a part or a repair kit to repair the avaible power window. Another important advantage for our repair kits is, that the repairing is faster than the complet exchange of the defect part. We deliver mostly in one day. You can see for oneself our power windows in our online shop.

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